5 Life Lessons From the Man Who Understood It All

I hesitated to hit the publish button, because this post is a bit more personal than my other posts, and sometimes people can get a little uncomfortable with personal things. (But life is personal, is it not?) This past weekend my dad would have celebrated his 68th birthday. Here’s what it would have looked like (if time stood still): We’d be driving to dinner in the green mini-van with mom and dad upfront, my two brothers in the middle, and me in the back. We’d be listening to oldies, again, and would listen to them the entire month because … [Read more...]

The Lost Art of Stillness in a Noisy World

Being still is not an art form that’s taught in modern day America. We are taught that time is swift and movement is growth and everything in between. And so, we are always in motion. Even worse, we mistake this motion for progress. (Sometimes it is, but often it’s not). We are over-stimulated, busy beings. And even in our quiet moments, we are bombarded with distractions: text messages, e-mails, social media notifications, and alerts from the numerous apps we have on our smart phones. Communication has become so easy that it’s no longer … [Read more...]

Why the Choices We Make Matter

This post is long overdue. I’ve had a string of computer issues while traveling, which put my computer out of commission for several days while I replaced a failing hard drive. The added irony is that the failure coincided with a conference I was attending to network and gain inspiration for blog posts. I thought about how Life Is A Series of Inconveniences, and I planned to write a post on this topic once I had a working computer. Here’s the synopsis for what it would have concluded: Once we accept the fact that these inconveniences are part … [Read more...]