The Night I Shared a Hotel Room with a Stranger

  With a snowstorm headed to the northeast just in time for Thanksgiving, I feel compelled to share a story: My first night ever living in Washington DC was spent in a hotel room with a stranger from Colorado in the middle of a snowstorm. I had moved to DC in January 2011 in the dead of winter. The day before, I had driven my car from Florida, spent the night in North Carolina, and woke up to continue my journey to DC. But I neglected to check the weather report… Fast-forward to 11 pm that night and I was 10 miles from my … [Read more...]

Technology Is Stealing Your Empathy and Making You Obsolete

Here’s some irony for you: Emotional intelligence in humans is declining because of technology. Emotional intelligence in machines is increasing because of technology. If you think that’s a problem, you’re right. It means you might become professionally obsolete if you’re not careful. Scientists have continued to make progress in artificial emotional intelligence, also known as affective computing. The goal of affective computing is to simulate empathy in machines, giving the machine the ability to interpret the emotional state of … [Read more...]

“Say Something, Dammit!” And Avoid Monkeys.

  Are you holding yourself back? Probably.  We all are, to some extent. I see it everyday… people masking their unique capabilities and quirks because somewhere along their path, they have felt diminished.  And, since then, they’ve done what they can to make sure it doesn’t happen again, often at the risk of compromising their boldness. We are born bright-eyed and self-assured.  As children, we flaunt our authenticity.  We are imaginative.  We recognize that when the bully on the playground gives us a hard time, they are being … [Read more...]

4 Practical Life and Leadership Hacks from the Open Road  

About six weeks ago I flew out to the West Coast for a conference. I was blessed with the kind of flexibility in my schedule that usually disintegrates with adulthood, allowing me to feed this unceasing curiosity for new places, often dressed in the guise of restlessness. I had planned to spend just a couple weeks traveling around Southern California to get a feel for the various city personalities, while expanding my professional network and writing. But, one thing led to another, and five weeks effortlessly passed before I finally compelled … [Read more...]