Let It Be. Advice for Mindful Living

I have a confession: Last night I attended a meditation session and I failed miserably. I say that tongue in cheek, as I know you can’t really win or lose in meditation, but if the class were graded on a scale of 1-10 with 10 representing a controlled mind and 1 representing a mind that sputtered in a million wayward directions, I would have been a 2.5. I’m giving myself higher than a 1 only because my mind did not go in a million directions, but rather fixated on the same thought that took me away from the present. I had a situation I needed … [Read more...]

The Strange Power of Associations (& How They Impact Us)

  This story might seem a bit fluffy but stick with me, because what it’s really about is the mind, and the power the mind has to impact our world in very real ways. Last week I completed an American right of passage: driving across country. I rented a room in Southern California for the short term to escape the crux of the East Coast winter and I decided to drive to allow for full flexibility. I filled my car with the appropriate amount of clothing and personal items, packing essentials like my guitar and hookah (we all have our … [Read more...]