Live Your Element

We’ve all heard the idiom: to be in our element. When we are in our element, we are in a place that aligns with our passions and strengths, and we are happier and more successful because of it. Here’s the thing… everyone’s element looks a little bit different. What motivates us is not the same, nor are our strengths and interests. Society forgets this sometimes.

This site aims to cultivate and sustain self-awareness and self-responsibility so we can all make decisions that lead to success in our professional and personal lives. This starts with knowing what we want, and leads to having the guts to make decisions that ensure we get it. Crafting our own development is not fluffy; it’s strategic. Is the return [in whatever you’re doing] worth the investment? Are we headed in a direction that is sustainable and aligns with our values?

“It’s about having a balance in your life, that you find some time in your life, some point in your life where you feel you’re doing what puts you at your most authentic — the thing you were really made to do.”
-Sir Ken Robinson

By living authentically we can excel as leaders and achieve the impact we strive for. But it’s not always easy. The world can get messy and we all need a little help maneuvering it at times.

Working in high-pace environments in high-pace cities showed me firsthand how difficult it can be to place priority on our personal development when our professional lives consume our time. Continual self-growth and leadership development is something I’m passionate about. These posts are meant to make you think about who you are, what you want, how you see the world, and inspire you to make decisions that align with those answers. (And provide a little nudge when needed.) For me, it’s about using empathy and strategy to connect with others and help them see the big-picture so they can capitalize on their strengths and uncover opportunities that may have been hiding in murky waters.