Let It Be. Advice for Mindful Living

I have a confession: Last night I attended a meditation session and I failed miserably. I say that tongue in cheek, as I know you can’t really win or lose in meditation, but if the class were graded on a scale of 1-10 with 10 representing a controlled mind and 1 representing a mind that sputtered in a million wayward directions, I would have been a 2.5. I’m giving myself higher than a 1 only because my mind did not go in a million directions, but rather fixated on the same thought that took me away from the present. I had a situation I needed … [Read more...]

The Strange Power of Associations (& How They Impact Us)

  This story might seem a bit fluffy but stick with me, because what it’s really about is the mind, and the power the mind has to impact our world in very real ways. Last week I completed an American right of passage: driving across country. I rented a room in Southern California for the short term to escape the crux of the East Coast winter and I decided to drive to allow for full flexibility. I filled my car with the appropriate amount of clothing and personal items, packing essentials like my guitar and hookah (we all have our … [Read more...]

On Maintaining (or Reclaiming) Our Personal Responsibility

The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any. –Alice Walker None of us are given a cheat sheet for life when we are thrown into this world. If we were, I imagine the first lesson would say something like this: “You have control over only one thing in this world: yourself. If you’re lucky, you’ll find that this is all you need.” Incase you need a reminder today, you are incredibly powerful. You, alone, control how you see the world, how you feel, and what successes and failures you have endured. The … [Read more...]

Stories of Getting Lost and How They Pave the Way

When I was 16 years old, with a newly minted driver’s license in hand, I drove 40 minutes in the wrong direction in my hometown of Jacksonville, FL, arriving in Georgia just after midnight. During my first solo trip abroad, I took the wrong bus in Valencia, Spain, and claimed my title as the last remaining passenger at the end of the bus route, on the opposite side of town. My subpar Spanish speaking skills were useless. For my 26th birthday, I embarked on a two-month trip to Southeast Asia with only the first week planned, leaving seven … [Read more...]

The Forgotten Box of Letters  

In a dark and dusty corner of the garage is a box. The box is old, with a Pinnacle Orchards logo on top and a shipment date of December 1966. Someone in Jacksonville, FL, received fruit from Oregon that holiday season. In its 58 years, the box has housed an array of items, as shown from the scribbled handwriting on top. Decorations, at one time. Household items during another. But now the box holds letters. They aren’t mine, of course. They belong to my dad. He used to call it his “box of love letters.” And, growing up, he would tell me … [Read more...]