Three Personality Traits That Make Good Managers Great

Knowing your stuff is essential as a manager, but it won’t take you from good to great. Great management transcends competencies; it’s also about how you make your employees feel. Great managers have empathy. Empathy. Man, it’s so important. I could write a million posts on why I think empathy is one of the most critical traits to cultivate… not just in management but in Life. Empathy is a huge component of emotional intelligence, yet it’s an undervalued trait in fast-paced work environments. Unfortunately, most organizations will turn a … [Read more...]

Balinese Reggae in the Rain… A Lesson In Simplicity.

Buddharupa in Bali

“Yes, I could have reached the same conclusions without ever leaving Brazil, but just like Santiago, the Shepard boy in one of my books, sometimes you have to travel a long way to find what is near…” ~Paulo Coelho It was early November and I found myself in the fisherman’s village of Amed, Bali. Having just arrived in country, I felt fatigued but excited to be in an unknown place, and I had wandered to a local warung for a dinner of grilled fish. The tables were arranged neatly on an outdoor deck, and as I sat there in stillness I could … [Read more...]